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BIG NO - AfiaBot is NOT shutting down

black-man23 days ago

BIG NO --- I was contacted by a few witnesses asking me if I will be shutting down AfiaBot. I asked why and I was told rumours are running around that I am shutting it down. So this post is to clear the air and let people know that Afia is here to stay.

The answer to this is a BIG NO. I will not be shutting down AfiaBot. I built this for the Whaleshares and the graphene community so it will always be functional and it will continue to run.

My last statement was about only when Whaleshares build it's own in-app notification but even then, it will still run and all Afia Lovers can continue to use it if they want to.

New features coming out this year

  • Chrome version
  • Voice note transcribing
  • Release a post for you on a specific date/time

AGAIN AfiaBot will not be shutting down... kindly relax and enjoy it.

Thank you


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