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ENDED - 50,000 Given tokens GIVE AWAY - Contest

black-man22 days ago

As most of you already know, GIVENS token will stop working for upshares very soon. Before it goes offline in the next 10 days, I will be running my last contest and the reward pool is 50,000 GIVENS for 250 people. This means 200 GIVENS per person. You only need 50 GIVENS for a 100% upshare from my account, so with 200 you get 4 upshares.


  1. Write a post about Whaleshares.io on Facebook, Reddit or Quora
  2. Comment with a screenshot of your post or tweet + your bts address
  3. Mention 3 or more friends in your post to take part in the contest.


  1. Make sure to use the tokens you get before 10th Feb,2019
  2. Please don't try to cheat, let others also win some of the tokens
  3. Contest will end on 5th Feb,2019

Contest has ended... no more tokens will be distributed ... last person to be rewarded is



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