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bHIVE Curation Nation - Digest # 0019 - Creative Colony

bhive3 months ago5 min read

The Creative Colony of bHIVE Curation Nation

Digest # 0019
Creative Colony - Curated by @mfestra

Best of the Best

1. Miniature minimalist house from Ice Cream Stick
by @bangboy

This incredible wooden house made by @bangboy shows us that with imagination and creativity we can do whatever we want. Here he shows us step by step how he makes a minimalist house with this material and has been phenomenal, would you dare to make one? So let's eat ice cream to get many sticks.

2. Yin yang de la naturaleza
by @raineth0224

This incredible and beautiful work of art is made by this Venezuelan artist using mixed techniques such as graphite, some color and watercolors in order to achieve an effect that would give meaning to what she wanted to express. It's about the role we play in nature, the good and the bad, do we own it or does it control us, the beautiful side and the cruel side, the chaos and harmony it gives us, the balance of good and evil that can exist.

3. Wire Art - Goldie - Fish Wire Sculpture 3D
by @starjewel

@starjewel shows us that beautiful craft, it is made with steel wire and lots of aquamarine quartz crystals adorn, That piece is approximately 24" long and now adorns a beautiful doctor's office, did you like it? visit the blog of @starjewel to see more of his works of art

4. Drawing "Girl reflected in the mirror">Drawing "Girl reflected in the mirror"
by @akarantain

This beautiful Drawing shows a girl reflected in the mirror, beautiful and somewhat chilling, it is incredible how the artist has reflected almost perfectly the face of this little girl, has used graphite colors to make her work and what an incredible talent she has.

5. Easy Four Step Origami Leaf Video Tutorial
by @grace

Do you love origami? then the blog of @grace is perfect for you , She shows us a video tutorial on how to make a four-step origami leaf for Christmas cards, and you can even use it to decorate any gift or tree this Christmas, do you dare to do it?

About our Curator @mfestra

Hello my name is Maria Fernanda, I am 29 years old, I was born in December in Maracay, Venezuela, I am an Industrial Engineer and crypto-enthusiast, I am happily married, I have a little baby I love with my life and a little dog that is also my other son.

I grew up with my grandmother in an environment of little technology but I have always liked this one, I love crafts, art and everything that has to do with creative processes, I am a very positive person, I like a lot to weave and draw, since my youth I have tried all kinds of business manufacturing articles, for 5 years I have a workshop together with my husband of articles for babies and 3D printing, I am perseverant and supportive that if you dream something you can achieve it if you propose it.

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