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bHIVE Curation Nation - Digest # 0018 - Homestead Colony

bhive5 months ago5 min read

The Homestead Colony of bHIVE Curation Nation

Digest # 0018
Homestead Colony - Curated by @goldendawne

Best of the Best

1. Short tips from me to start a quail raising business,
by @practicemagic87

Quails are birds you may want to consider having on your homestead. The benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. @practicemagic87 gives some solid advice about these feathered-friends and why you may want to add them to your livestock and small animal stock.

2. ???? How I Made This Rustic hanger
by @urirexroth

On a homestead you can never have enough coat racks and places to hang other outdoor clothing. @urirexroth really shows us how to take an old pine shelf and create a perfect rustic-looking coat rack that any homestead would proudly have on display. This is a great way to re-use old items that may otherwise be useless.

3. Coffee Cultivation And Processing of Coffee Beans
by @boge87

If you've never seen coffee beans grown or harvested then this is a great post by @boge87 for you to read. From cultivating and fertilizing there are so many steps in the process of producing everyone's favorite morning pick-me-up drink. And did you know coffee beans come in a variety of colors? They're not all brown like you would think.

4. 5 Quick Gardening Tips That Will Save You Money
by @simplymike

If you're a gardener or a homesteader, you are constantly looking for ways to save money, be frugal and not let your garden suffer. @simplymike has some great advice on how your garden can flourish without breaking the bank. From making your own compost to perhaps starting a perennial exchange. This post has something for everyone.

5. Some Progress In My Garden Transformation - Fruit, Fruit Trees And Hugelkultur Beds
by @nikflossus

@nikflossus has been so busy on his homestead transplanting cherry and plum trees; making his lifestyle even more self-sustainable. He's even been using old cupboards to make some raised beds for more gardening. Talk about being creative and re-purposing old items. And do you know what “Hugelkultur” is? According to @nikflossus it's all about mounding up earth with wood to create nutrients for the trees and plants.

About our Curator @goldendawne

You can find me (@goldendawne) on many platforms where I always write about my homesteading and gardening adventures. I've always wanted to live on about 10 acres of land with a huge garden, small livestock and continue expanding and honing in on my homesteading skills.

Having this passion and desire to becoming more self-sufficient and self-reliant in my life has crossed over to the blogging platforms and how I curate for homesteaders and their posts. I love learning new skills and when I see a quality post with a unique twist of life on the homestead I just have to read what is happening. So if you are a homesteader and write great posts you may be who I am looking for.

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