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bHIVE Curation Nation - Digest # 0078 - Poetry Colony

bhive2 months ago5 min read

The Poetry Colony of bHIVE Curation Nation

Digest # 0078
Poetry Colony - Curated by @udezee

Best of the Best

1. Ways to Link - Poem

by @kimi

Kimi loves poetry, she loves sowing her thoughts in the soil of poetry. I enjoyed farming this one. This poetic piece titled "ways to link" was beautiful. It's a poem fused in the reality of the body, mind and soul, telling about the connection between them and not neglecting the bliss that comes from the unity of the three entities.

Native to emotions,
Through around in the air,
The beings are one,
They are it.
Feel the assimilation,
Of raw unreal thoughts,
As they are all,
But linked.
A connection even,
Between the world around,
To your living spirit,
Dotted to a course of action.

2. I am the sand ✏️ | The Poem of the Day, January 31, 2019
by @raiza-vzla03

Raiza-vzla03 makes love a beautiful experience any man or woman would want to pursue. In this poetic piece titled "I am the sand" — the poet was extraordinary with her use of words and emotions.

I am the sand
I am the sand of your beach of joy,
I am flooded by your strong and soft waves of pleasure...
I can only scatter under your presence.
May your being fill me, may your body burn me
in ardor of delivery...

3. We Are Redeemed

by @prefazz

This was a religious poem, beautifully written by prefazz, in Christianity the devil is known as the accuser, the destroyer and the dark angel. He's known as a hindrance against salvation and redemption. In this poetic piece titled "we are redeemed" — Prefazz peom gears towards influencing the unwavering faith all Christians should have as the redeemed of God through Christ for they are redeemed.

Yes he redeemed us from death and defeat
Yes he defiled the fiery darts of the devil on the cross
Yes he defeated the devil by his blood
finally we gained victory
Yes we gained victory
And now we can sing the song of freedom

4. [A WhaleShares Original] The Saga of Circling The Chanting Cracking Fire
by @immortal-tongue

What comes to your mind when you view the flames? Nothing, right? maybe anything like for instance soaking yourself in the warmth of the heat or maybe to roast any edible recipe, right? — in this poetic piece immortal-tongue tells us the reflection the flames and the burning wood have on him. He sees himself as an environmental transformer, passing by and touching lives positively. Though the woods reduce to ashes with chanting cracks for the flames to burn --- As we grow old and figuratively reduce to ashes, are we touching lives? Answer may be yes or no but what perspective comes to mind when you view the flames and the burning wood? What do you see?

The flame burning deep
When all you needed was light
The Sun’s hidden face
Hoping the moon never came.
Looking into these flames
Bewitches my senses to look more
I see nothing and yet see everything
What have I found? Everything and Nothing

5. The land of our forefathers

by @jersteemit

Jersteemit flamed the candle of the heart with this poetic piece titled "the land of our forefathers". The very land that has the dust of our feet or the history of our ancestors should be cherish whether in good or bad season. It is the land of our forefathers.

Our land is nature's gift
The lush green forest
The picturesque
Plains of the waving Corns and millets in the fields

The rustling grasslands
Sparkling sunshine
Turns into golden sunset
Tropical land, four seasoned
Rolled into one

About our Curator @udezee

My name is udeze canice from Nigeria. A student in the university. Currently studying business education at lagos state university, located in the Western part of the country. Presently in my second year of studies edging towards the third. The second son of my mother.

I joined the crypto space early this year. Thanks to @enolife. I was introduced to whaleshares by @afolwalex.

I blog about anything that comes to my head. I love poetry, music, food, life, writing, gaming, motivation, airdrop and cryptocurrency topics.

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