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🍀🍻 A new beginning! Beyond Bitcoin Castellano is now a Witness on Whaleshares 💡😱

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Now we can finally start. If you don’t know why I’m saying this, it’s because you aren’t curious enough.

But it’s okay! Today is a special day. Throughout life, it seems as if time has too much power, and come on, it certainly does, but there is a moment, a brief, slow and exact moment, where a human being feels like he has the capacity of changing destiny with the palm of his hand and start building what he desires from that point on. That moment has arrived. However, saying “has arrived” is not correct, because sometimes what arrives is the outcome of an act of randomness, a product brought by the breath of the breeze from the East, or the result of the act of a faceless and nameless force. So no, what we are about to start has not simply “arrived”, instead, we have built it during these months, with the help, the interest and the participation of all of you, and the trust that has been placed in us by many others. This trust has been earned with the effort we dedicate to this, and in the process we have evolved to the present day. And boy!! Have we evolved!

It is our pleasure to announce these new opportunities that are gifted to us by the Whaleshares chain launch! (Wednesday, August 15th)

Whaleshares is creating a new reality and BBCas (Beyond Bitcoin en Castellano or Beyond Bitcoin in Spanish) will be part of it. The possibility has been given to us and we have decided to take on this new challenge. We are pleased to announce that from now and on, we are a Witness in the Whaleshares platform. This implies new commitments but also a new path to offer growth and opportunities to change all of those who are part of this project, and to those that see Whaleshares an oportunity to contribute and build around this chain.

Starting Wednesday, our project will work in new areas and initiatives that will be empowering Whaleshares. We already have everything prepared to begin this adventure and we hope to have your support and the support of all those who believe in our work. Thank you very much for all the things you have done for this initiative, we will continue to contribute and pursue that first day motto: “Let’s grow together!”



Lets talk a little bit more about Beyond Bitcoin in Spanish or BBCas. BBCas is a project that was born five months ago and from day zero we have tirelessly endeavored to break those language barriers, through the content we present! And all the opportunities in different areas, we have achieved the creation of an informed community that slowly (but surely) acquired knowledge and dares to invest and take advantage of possibilities. We are happy to see that this growth doesn’t have limits, and that each week, new ideas and perspectives emerge from within the members of out community, who aren’t afraid of dreaming of a different future; they not only dream, but they also believe that it will be a reality, and we desire to nourish and execute that reality.

As time goes by, we have evolved as a community; content has transformed, formats have improved, and interaction has grown to such an extent that the members of the community have started to contribute with their abilities, causing the wheel to maintain itself in a fantastic fashion. It is all thanks to you and your interest that we continue building and reaching new horizons.

The variety of projects that BBCas has generated an excellent synergy with has contributed to that goal. There are promising ideas, inspiring desires, worthy causes, and without exception, all of them have a solid and strong team behind them, which arduously work to reach and deliver those promises, incorporate more people and generate valuable ideas. Each of you has led us to dream about new challenges. These are essential elements, where the Hispanic community has found new areas of growth, so if you don’t know us yet, you should!

In this regard, BBCas will not abandon its original labor, because this is precisely the reason why we are a Witness. We intend to continue creating spaces of knowledge for the Hispanic community, but now, with alot more strength and energy, our goal is to challenge the community: defying them to grow, to build and to develop new spaces that allow them to approach the future they desire; to be there for all of you and to give you support. With this new perspective of reality, and taking the responsibility with Whaleshares into consideration, we want to be a value-generating window, talent promoters and creators of people with critical mindsets, specialized and mainly, endowed with the necessary data to participate in any crypto environment or ecosystem.

This is our introduction as the Whaleshares Witness @BeyondBitcoinCas and we want to highlight specially, the value of your voice, contributions and everything you want to build or create to empower thjs community and platform. Whaleshares will not only be a blog, but a path, a springboard to drive its users towards a reality built by themselves through integration, interaction, trust, respect, solidarity and the development of human networks. These are some of the values that Whaleshares, brings to the table and at the same time, we share and want to develop those values as BBCas.

From this moment we would like to thank you once again for your trust. We hope we can continue to progress through the road we have decided since day one. Today our efforts put us in front of you to request your support, your desire to dream, grow and build something valuable.

With this new step into a wonderfully unknown future, we are determined to deepen and improve the knowledge and opportunities of all of you, dear readers, friends, citizens. We are interested in empowering yourselves trough information and we expect to continue the restructuring and improvement together with you.

Time is money, but dedication and interest are invaluable. We give you both, with open hands and faithful wishes to see you join us in developing all of those things that you really wish. It is time to grow, to educate ourselves and create together, step by step with a firm walk in this path that was carefully erected by our own means, and equipped with the opportunities that only information and knowledge can provide.

That being said, welcome to Whaleshares; welcome to this great project, we are here to serve you and to be a catalyst of talents, ideas and dreams. Let’s start!

Don’t forget to join our Discord, we are at your service, because fortunately the Guard never ends.

Written and structured by: @bryangav
Image Design: ÁngelB
Translation: Carla V / @chuckyfucky


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