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Betanuary - January the month to begin

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Los Pinos forest, San Cristóbal. Tachira. Venezuela

This year I start my own calendar with professional photographs of the last year, showing beautiful landscapes of my country Venezuela, of my travels or with photos of photographic sessions that have reasons to remember the ephemeris of the month to which the photograph belongs, Surely you will like it very much, it will be a work done with much affection for the whole community.


January one month to begin:

This is a special month to recapitulate and consider the Objeticvos and tasks that will help us achieve the goals that we wish to meet throughout the year. There are no miracles too big or small all are of equal size in the universe, so truly you can get what you propose, it will be easier if you have a specific task order to help you meet your goals progressively, that approach It will lead you to fulfill your goals.

You can start by scoring everything in a notebook, which goals you want to meet, in what time they must materialize and objectives will help you meet those goals, it will really be easier if you write and this is the first step to materialize, there are many Studies that say that if you write everything you want you give an order to the brain and the universe to achieve it.


In this month we celebrate:

International and World anniversaries:

  • January 4-World Braille Day

  • January 16-International Day of Croqueta

  • January 19-World Snow Day: On December 19th, World Snow Day is celebrated with the aim of promoting white sports and the enjoyment of nature. This day was proclaimed by the International Ski Federation, and is held at all ski resorts around the world.

  • 24 January-International Day of Education

  • 27 January-World Day against Leprosy

  • 27 January-International Day for the commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust.

  • January 28-European Data Protection Day

  • 30 January-World non-Violence day

Source of the Ephemeris

All the photos on the calendar are my property have taken-malos10 with your camera Sony DSC H-200 of 20.1 megapixels


With Love Beta ❤️ ❤️

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