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馃敶 [Live Stream] Artwork in the making

beherenow2 months ago3 min read

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Hey Whaleshares!
I made this beat about 7 years ago, together with a friend. Since The Beast challenge, I have had a hard time focusing on writing new content for Whaleshares. Pretty busy with some cool projects! You most probably are going to see more about that in the future.

To give you a quick behind the scenes, I hosted a live stream showing how I processed the artwork that I made for the song my friend and I produced. Yup, seven years is a long time! I lost track of the original file since we fine-tuned it at his place, but I remember we had it published as a mixtape somewhere online.

Last week, another friend of mine messaged me and asked me if I still made some beats. He shared the link where I could download it again after those seven years(!). This surely brings back a lot of memories.

I thought it would be nice to finally create artwork for it. When I usually create art, I just put on some music to get myself into it. I picked a random picture and collected some shots of pink and white blossoms from my database. The rest? I don't really remember what I do, I just go with the flow and eventually something comes out of it.

漏2019 - @beherenow | Artwork: Blossom

漏2019 - @beherenow

漏2019 - @beherenow

漏2019 - @beherenow

I used these three photographs to make it.

Check out the 1 hour and 45 minute post processing in just 3 1/2 minutes!

As I mentioned earlier in a previous blog post about streaming my post processing, I will be deleting the live streams afterward. For those who were watching at the time, thanks! Please let me know in the comment section when you do, so I can reward you for your time!

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned,

A b o u t 聽 t h e 聽 A r t i s t

In life, we all have one or more milestones we are determined to achieve. To be able to look back at memories with satisfaction, creating a glimpse of a flashback that puts a smile on your face whenever your brain tickles you. I have the ambition to publish a photo-book with all of my most inspiring fine art. Containing stories and captured memories that speak, inspire and intrigue the eye. A legacy of time. With my stories, I hope to inspire people to create unforgettable memories themselves. - Ruben


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