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Customers' Satisfaction Objective

The satisfaction of its customers is not a negotiable objective of any business. Customers' satisfaction as a goal is necessary to keep the sales going.

To maintain customers' loyalty and encourage them to keep buying a product, they must be fairly treated through affordable prices, the convenience of buying good packages, information and education, product quality and performance and different forms of rewards for patronizing a business.

Employee's Satisfaction objective

Employees are directly involved in every activity of a business. Their involvement is in the mental and physical efforts they commit to service of the business. Therefore their loyalty and commitment must be adequately rewarded to ensure continuity and improvement in their productivity.

Employers of labour mostly offer many things to keep their workers happy on their jobs because the consequences of losing a good worker are very serious. Such offerings that can be extended to employees include good salaries and wages, recognition, training, respect from senior officers, good tools and work environment.

Good Corporate Image

Since a business is a social entity, its image can enhance it or destroy its chances of succeeding in society. Most businesses see the protection and maintenance of good image as a vital objectives that must be achieved through planned efforts.
A business corporate image is mostly built and maintained through fulfilling social responsibility to the various stakeholders. This equally means that a business must respect the ethics of any society where it operates.

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