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Management Skills and Abilities. 2

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Technical Skills: These skills are required for the operation of machines and general knowledge of necessary operational aspects of a particular line of business. Computer operations, driving of vehicles and machines are all important for a small-business owner. For example, an owner-manager of a bakery should have knowledge of baking and how to handle the machines.

Conceptual Integrative Skill (C.I.S): These include abilities to understand trends in both internal and external environment of a business to be able to ensure that all the parts of the business are working harmoniously in a convergent manner towards the achievement of predetermined goals and objectives. The ability to develop new ideas, products or service is a part of C.I.S.

Human Relations Skills (H.R.S): Human relations skill includes the ability to interact with others without or with minimum conflicts. A manager in playing managerial roles interacts with superior officers, subordinates, suppliers, customers, government respresentives and other people. Therefore, the possession of human relation skills by a manager is fundamentally important. Such skill involves the knowledge of individual differences, caused behaviour, common goal and human dignity. A small business owner should be able to relate with others smoothly and be able to handle conflicts among his employees.

Arithmetic and Grammatical skills: These skills include the ability to carry out simple calculation as quickly as possible. Others include inadequate knowledge of the written and oral expression of the English language. This would enhance ease and effective communication between the owner-manger of small business and his customers, employees and other people.

Diagnostic and Problem-Solving Skills: These include the ability to understand different problems as they arise, that is, the causes, extent and present effects or possible consequences if not tackled. Another aspect is the ability to be able to proffer appropriate, feasible and efficient solution to any problem.

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