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The establishment and continued existence of small businesses in any country is beneficial to the owners, the society, large businesses, and the government.

The following are the importance of a small business to the owner.

• Income and Profit.

The small business owners derive their salaries and wages from the businesses they establish. It is equally natural that when a business makes profits. Such profits belong to the owner or owners after taxes are paid to the government.

• Social and Psychological Satisfaction.

Small business owners equally derive satisfaction from owning a business. This is because owning a business gives a sense of liability to a community. The fact that a small business owner is apportioned to serve humanity and put his energy, gifts, and talents into a profitable investment, he achieves a sense of fulfillment. The opportunity to meet people's needs and the ability to satisfy personal basis and social needs and that of others especially family members and dependents is afforded the small business owner.

• Independence.

Independence is fundamental to the growth of any society and enhances the successful pursuit of responsible goals. Dependence culture is one of the evils that can cripple the destiny of a man or a society. Every man loves independence, and to be able to lead a responsible life.

Ownership of a small business would not only protect a man from maltreatment or harassment of employers or bad superiors in regular employment but would also prevent a man from becoming a beggar or a bother to others.

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