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Bank prices - 17 March 2020

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Hi Whaleshares! Here are our current WLS prices based on the Rudex market and the average price we bought in here on the platform. Exchange fee is at 2% and you will get some cashback with a tip from our account and supporters, so we can say: no fee buying WLS with @bank!

WLS price is quiet stable for some weeks even with the current market crash at the same time, the current RUDEX market have a big buy/sell gap and we are adjusting to it while we can offer better prices.

  • Buying 1 WLS cost you: 0.034 BTS | 0,0044 STEEM | 0,00047 $
  • Selling 1 WLS give you: 0.028 BTS | 0,0030 STEEM | 0,00039 $
  • Min | Max transaction: 500 | 20'000 WLS

How to exchange

  • Make a comment here with the WLS/BTS/STEEM/USD amount you want to exchange and your BTS/STEEM account name.
  • Wait for a human confirmation from our side before sending any coins (protect yourself).
  • Then send WLS to: @bank - BTS/STEEM to: whaleshares-bank - PayPal: [whaleshares-bank AT protonmail.com]


  • Send 38 BTS to whaleshares-bank, minus fee, get 980 WLS + 20 WLS tip.
  • Send 1000 WLS to @bank, get 28 BTS | 3 STEEM, minus fee
  • Send 10 USD to [whaleshares-bank AT protonmail.com], minus fee, get 18'000 WLS

Delay notice

The transaction may take from a few hours to 5 days. Most transaction will be handled in less than 24 to 48H but we maybe offline a few days, so don't panic before 5 days.

Bank liquidity

105'000 WLS | 2900 BTS | 420 STEEM | 100 USD

Missing 0.1 WLS to join our pod ?

Go and check out the great @atm-for-pod-fees service!


WLS @bank Pod - Community driven, privately funded & independent bank
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BTS Account: whaleshares-bank - STEEM Wallet: @whaleshares-bank

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