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Miniature minimalist house from Ice Cream Stick

bangboy6 months ago3 min read


Hello beloved Whaleshares friend..

Well, this time we will learn how to make a miniature home from ice cream sticks. We will make a pretty complicated craft ya, so it takes hard work and perseverance.
Back again with me @bangboy And Kali Masih on The Same Theme, Still about home-made work from Wood Stik, And this time I made a minimalist house using Stik wood .
This miniature will discuss how to create a house made from ice cream sticks. Because I've previously shared a tutorial on making 


The finished house, visible from the side

If you are able and successfully complete the miniature home manufacture of ice cream stick is guaranteed you will feel very satisfied and relieved to succeed. 


How to make And the ingredients:

Yes for the craftsmen only with ice cream sticks used to produce rupiah coffers. Are you interested in making a house with this ice cream sticks ?? If you are interested we can capcusss to the theme of our discussion about how to make a house of this ice cream sticks.

First you have to prepare the tools and materials, to make this house of course you need quite a lot of used ice cream sticks, or you can also get ice cream sticks at the bakery shop closest to your home. Then prepare the wood glue, and the tools you can use are quite cuter.First you do is make your home wall, how to arrange parallel ice cream sticks that you have prepared earlier, then glue with some ice cream sticks in the opposite direction with which you have stacked earlier. Well more details see the picture below, the picture is the back of the house.

Once so the back of the house, the next step we make the roof first, the roof consists of two parts, namely the front and rear, well first we make the back of the first process just like making the wall above. More details look at the following picture:For the front of the roof the size is more narrow, and the process of making it in a way in parallel stacks, more details see the following picture. 

 For the front of the house, I apologize for not being able to make it, but you can follow some of the houses of the following ice cream sticks. 

 Well that's how to make a home from the ice cream sticks used I can convey, may be useful for you all. once again please forgive me for any shortcomings in submitting the above tutorial. Until Return on my next post or work @ bangboy 

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