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balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year

Talking about weed in Italy is a pretty taboo thing.

and even though it is a disreputable context in my country i have been part of it and have met a lot of good guys
with lots of ideas and skill, hope to manage to bring some of them here on Whaleshares.🕺🏻🕺🏻

in this collage I have portrayed a TV-man who seems to give a top to a bunch of children,
and of course everyone would say that the tv-man is evil and is trying to send children on a bad path. 👿

The thing is that what is shown on the TV screen is not real (duh!) or at least not concrete.
and so what it is doing is simply informing them, leaving a message to the children. ✉️

Now, can you guess who's snitching?

12. snitch.png


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