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balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, 11 days ago

I reopened the nintendo DS after a long time, started playing some Pokémon HeartGold and by chance my attention landed on the "run" button located in the fight menu.
And the idea of this collage was born✨


Sometimes is better to run away from things and people, cowardly as we may seem i swear it is the best thing we can do on certain occasions.

A personal experience was when i failed the second time during the driving test.

In addition to the disheartening news, i was realizing that i wasn't learning anything from the driving lessons i was doing and the instructor kept insisting on coming to the guides often.💸

Eventually i retired from school driving which was just wasting my money and time and started driving on my own with the help of my pop.

These days i have driven very often, i feel more confident
And soon i will try to retake the exam.

Wish me good luck!💪

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