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balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, 9 months ago2 min read

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is Francesco and I'm a 20 years old Italian guy with a great passion for illustration, videomaking, programming and pop culture.

12122887_793120184143707_663243028570917086_n.jpg 14876539_1454659454550791_8060125335799396435_o.jpg

I've always drawn since I was a kid, concretize ideas stuck in my head is a thing I really like to do馃く.
In 2017 i moved to digital art and started making commissions
but i stopped very early because got some really bad experiences with clients and i felt like I was loosing my creativity and desire to do art馃槫.
Then i started doing "visual treats" of all kinds just for me and my followers鉂わ笍.

I always enjoyed visiting flea markets.
The thing is... that a lot of beautiful books were being forgotten, I think we are forgetting a lot of good things that can't be found on the internet.
so i started making collageart in order to deliver this message , here on whaleshares i want to tell the stories behind each collage and inspire other people馃専.

I live in a small town called Godo.
Life in a country town is really beautiful because it makes you appreciate the little things.
being in town 24/7 would blow my mind馃槄.

I like reading manga, playing video games and collecting vinyls, I'm a lvl 100 nerd!馃懢

temporarily stopped playing video games to study computer science and it's a really difficult thing to do馃ゲ.
I played games like Mother, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy, No More Heroes, Resident Evil, Undertale, Persona 5 and Pok茅mon.
I hope to find other people that have played these gems!

I also reduced the doses of anime and manga, still have to finish Attack of on Titan and Goodnight Punpun.
If you like Jojo bizzarre adventure Max respect馃檹


I started buying vinyls two years ago after finding a turntable in the attic.
i listen to a lot of citypop, jazz and rap.
I've been listening to Nas a lot lately,
Jazztronik and MF DOOM.
Recently found out about the lyrics function on Spotify and... WOW
so many stories馃ぉ

I hope to find people with big dreams and big heart to talk about things we like and maybe create some cool ideas馃敟馃.

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