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Love Virus馃К

balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, 11 months ago

I had already dealt with "virus love" in my previous works, so why not create a "love virus"?

a lot of people have always been skeptical about the covid vaccine, so I tried to represent this feeling of distrust with a nurse and a group of men in hazmat suits who should be the good guys in the situation

47 Love virus.png

instead behind the woman's face there is a malignant entity that wants to create an even more widespread infection.馃く

but who wouldn't get a shot from such a beautiful and kind nurse馃グ.

love virus.png

in this collage I used illustrations from an anatomy book and one of the earliest approximate representations of viruses.

2 book covers, a vintage american illustration and a movie called "the black scorpion" which intrigued me enough, for the strange guy on the cover馃槹.

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