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Cathedral twist

balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year

On the horizon a cathedral, the greatest exponent of technology.

A homunculus lies in a field untouched by industrialization, he was probably created by that technological vanguard but it rests in a place distant from it.

The glass exists to symbolize someone coming to that place, sipping a drink and waiting for the man to wake up, to give a twist to his lethargic life.

37 cathedral twist.png

Cathedrals are beautiful and majestic artistic constructions built by Roberto Gavinelli a producer of flavorings for the beverage industry in 1941.

Twist is a term used by bartenders towards drinks that have an ingredient changed🍸

Cathedral twist-files.png

In the creation process i used covers from old books, a really cool poster from an italian bitter and an image a friend of mine gave me a photograph of a cathedral.

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