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Bacon Stages馃

balabambuzPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year

Hey take the bacon out of the pan, can't you see it's burning?

39 bacon Stages.png

After all, a thin slice of meat quickly changes state and quickly goes from raw to cooked and from cooked to burnt,
and i could say that this illustration arises only from this principle.
but there is something more...

The matter is destined to degrade and the soul to be eternal
what I tried to depict is a hypothetical relationship between these two concepts, the concrete and the abstract,
in which the abstract soul is constantly searching for concrete matter.

the desire? the reincarnation? a paradox?
We're getting deep here, maybe we should talk about it after a plentiful breakfast馃嵔


this time i used just two images, I was tempted to increase the details but in this case, I preferred to remain super-minimalist馃槵

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