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Is it True PSG Invites Real Madrid to Barter Bale with Neymar ?

aubaPosted to Publiclast year

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Rich French club PSG is reportedly interested in exchanging players between Neymar and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale.

PSG is currently in turmoil because of the star, Neymar is believed to want to leave for another club. Ex-club, Barcelona reportedly would become Neymar's goal if he moved.

However, the price tag and the very high demand for salary pegged by PSG to Neymar resulted in no club willing to accommodate the Brazilian international bomber.

Neymar's situation also happened at Real Madrid. The Spanish capital club had difficulty releasing Bale because the demand for his salary was far above the average.

Now as reported by The Independent, PSG reportedly found a solution to this problem. PSG is claimed to be persuading Real Madrid to be willing to exchange key players.

PSG will be willing to release Neymar to Real Madrid with one condition, namely they get Bale plus cash instead, Such is the news circulating in the media.


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