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I sponsor this contest with my personal tokens, and to be honest I was thinking to use these on my own articles, but what is a point. Instead I decided to organize a contest and a lucky winner will receive it instead. Tokens will be sent to the winner's Bitshares wallet after the winner is announced. Read carefully what you have to do.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Topic: I was always curious about the peculiar topic of the end of days, the Apocalypse, so you will have to write a nice chunk of text describing your version of the Apocalypse in the comments, you can add an image as well, or a video, or anything that can make your competing text special ( don't forget the free image attribution too) . So, no post necessary, just write all you have in the comment format.
  2. Invites: My lucky number is 7, so you will need to invite 7 of your friends ( mention their names) under that chunk of text. This is obligatory.
  3. Wallet: add a Bitshares wallet ID so that I know where to send your tokens in case you are a winner of the contest. This is obligatory.
  4. Winner: The comment ( a story) with the most number of the upshares will be a winner. This means that a community is going to be a judge to this event, not me, not any jury, but you, no matter how small your vote is. Chose your champion, and upshare wisely.
  5. Rewards: In case 2 or more competing parties have the same number of upshares on their story/comment, the reward will be split equally.
  6. Winner announcement will be 7 days after the publishing of this article, or at precisely
    9:55 AM Thursday, April 25, 2019, Central European Time (CET). Reward/s will be sent immediately without any delays.
  7. Control: I can't control who will do what for this contest, nor I can monitor all the actions or upshare begging in the Discord or anywhere else. So I have a much better idea to allow you all to combat the possible fraud as a community.
    -If a story receives a flag it will take away one upshare from a total number of the upshares on that story/comment.
    -If a story receives a valid comment ( 240 characters or up) from anyone ( author's comments do not count) it will add up one upshare to the total number of the upshares on that story.


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Post any additional questions in my discord ( link above), I will get to you as soon as I can.


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