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Twitter monetization and newsletter app - hmm, what and ugh!

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

Today I found out that Twitter made some changes and somehow we now can "monetize" something. LOL! No, I will not call it a joke, because some people could make a use of it and it is OK, but I still think that blockchain solutions to monetization are far better than what they have to offer.

By the way to monetize your voice chat on Twitter you have to have 1000 followers minimum, 18+ years and 2 hosted voice chats prior to that. I just recently started to saw off ( block/unblock ) my followers on Twitter. Some of them have been inactive for years, others I removed based on different factors - bots, unresponsive, limited response only to their local affairs, if a person corresponds only in local language is also a factor - so yes I was reading all those statuses. I had above 1000 followers, but I don't need the dead audience. I notice I only have small number of previews per tweet and very little engagement on my statuses, so I went to see why.

Tags definitely can help to hype up the things a bit, rich media as well, but in general what we need are alive people. So, Twitter policy to give anyone with 1000 followers a feature of monetization is bullshit. The better alternative would be 1000 ACTIVE followers who are NOT the bots. Number would be low low low for many people.

I think their newsletter app, the Revue is very nice. Again, they don't have the dark mode which is of course a complete torture. Especially when you transfer from a Twitter dark mode into that snowy Revue dashboard.

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