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Twitter is done with your Fleets

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago2 min read

Twitter is done with your Fleets

As early as August the third, Twitter will remove Fleets from the mobile apps. That feature was alive less than a year and it is already getting abandoned. If you never use it and don't know what it is, Fleets are like Stories on Instagram or Facebook.

The Fleets were not made for the user's convenience but very clever ( and annoying) advertising, but when the plan failed they decided to pull the plug.

The feature never caught up with the users and now I can imagine why. First of all, Fleets are not permanent and people of Twitter are not collaborative enough to leave a comment on something that will get deleted the next day, so why bother.

Second, unless you are a celebrity or pop niche user, you can't expect much of the conversation on your discussions in tweets, nevertheless the Fleets. People use Twitter faster than any other social media network and this audience doesn't have time for story watch.

To my knowledge, the Fleets I saw were always a repetition of already published tweets or an invite to check on something, usually NFT or some other art thing...

After the announcement from the official account of Twitter, people took the opportunity to ask for other features to be integrated, but most of them were pure nonsense.

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