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So, about the parrot

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago5 min read

Parrot is not actually a pet. It is but it is not. It will not consider you a master, but his buddy. He is a companion bird and when bonded will never leave you.

How did I get this unusual pet??

3 years ago, I was walking home from a shopping mall with my folks and saw a huge bird cage left next to the dumpster. I picked it up to take it home against my husband protesting. When we were passing next to one building an elderly women saw me carrying a cage and trooped out at us asking swiftly would I like a bird... I said well ok, and she took em and a kid to her apartment and showed us this gorgeous thing sitting in the tiny cage.
Woman said she became a widow lately and thought that a bird will bring her joy but instead of a cuddling pet she found out a parrot has been nasty finger picking creature that refused to be quiet even for a second.
I told her I will buy a bird from her, went home and checked on my pc if I will be able to take care of that species, and then come back with the money....

I made the entire parrot diary on Hive.
This is the list of posts I made about parrot:

While woman told us it is a young parrot, later we found out we have much older bird that was kept caged against recommendations of the breeders and treated rather badly. The cage was broken and later woman told me she kicked it a few times because parrot refused to become friendly and bit her till bone multiple times.
The first day I found that water was stale and pot with seeds contained nothing but husks, indicating that woman had no idea that a bird was screaming out of hunger ....

I had to follow bird experts recommendation by letter to get this bird in shape. It was caged, never flew, I had to teach it how to fly, I had to trim him flying feathers like he was a baby bird to learn how to use wings because his huge wing span was unusable to him, I had to persuade parrot to walk and climb by moving food around, his muscles were weak, never used.

I had to put him inside new big cage to do so, to have space. The old cage fell apart in my hands while I was doing it because it was kicked so many times.
Parrot was horrified, afraid of humans, any motion was unwelcome, so I had to show him what I am, only way to do that is to go absolutely bare handed, no protection on hands, rolled sleeves, inside of his new cage which he refused to leave - to put food, water, gifts and toys.
His bite force is around 100 psi without even trying ( or around 50 kilograms), he will go straight through you like you are made of butter...
By the way, that is not a parrot cage, and bird of his size can easily bend and rip those bars, no problem.
I needed 3 weeks to bait him out of that cage with a food.

Very soon I noticed that parrot is not like other animals. I never had one so I did not know if that is normal behavior, but he seemed to be too intelligent considering size.
Once he left cage he was returning every night inside to sleep, insisted on closed doors - pulled doors in if I did not - and I even had to put shade or cloth over him so he can sleep.

I didn't touch him other than giving him food and his cage was constantly next to me, so bird slowly created a bond with me and well, this is a result...

This is him watching what I am doing now and requesting me to leave the premise so he can sleep in piece aka in dark. He hates light when sleeps... Also my hair is over him because he is trying to make sense of my "feathers" lol ... plus I am doing this oil cure so it looks like I brushing it with the sauce pan...
image0 (3).jpg

And this is him watching YouTube with me a few days ago.
image0 (4).jpg

Unlike other pets, bonded companion bird will never escape or leave his human because he sees him/her as a part of his own flock. That window on the second photo, one of the wings is open and grills are also open. Parrot once he assured himself in me never attempted to escape. The only way he enjoys active flying is if he manages to get me running around the house after him. That he enjoys.

He has other habits, but that one is the most annoying lol

Edit: aw, yes, I forgot one thing thought... a parrot NEVER bit me.

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