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Review MeWe.com ( Mia)

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

Can you actually make some sort of the business out of MeWe?

Question of the centralized social media websites became kind of big these days and people are more and more interested to find an alternative solutions to big websites such as the Facebook and Twitter.


Webpage: https://mewe.com/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MeWe
Founder: Mark Weinstein

Content written and arranged by me, spoken by Mia, natural immersive text to speech program.

I know it is better, and definitely easier for me to use my natural voice for these videos but there are a few tech issues which I am facing right now so I decided to have fun with TTS program.

There are some YouTubers who specifically just use sound programs for their videos, and most of them sound horrible. Like really robotic. I don't find them appealing myself.

Speech software makes videos extremely clear audio recording, but it is obnoxious to work with because it lasts a lot to set it up correctly.

I usually use TTS for something else. I use the speech software to hear what my text sounds like and to easily remove errors.

The reason I made video with it is because I don't have an audio software to anull all the background noise, my parrot is an idiot and the last time I made a recording I even had the freaking seagulls that were gawking at some garbage a mile away.

Mia is fun to use, but it takes time to set it up and a program sometimes reads certain words incorrectly. It takes me approximately 10 fold more time to do the job with it than what I would usually need by just me reading a text.

In fact I can directly talk and do a tutorial simultaneously and it takes 5 minutes to make and about 20-30 to put together and render.

I usually do an entire thing in one chunk, I don't even edit it.

I will mix Mia and me ( it will be in description or in title like now to know who is speaking) depending on what I do. I have another TTS which I like even more. It is called Kevin and it is insanely human-like and comfortable to listen.


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