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Review - Free Speech Platforms - Flote, Gab and Gettr

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year5 min read

For your information, all three are centralized and all three can be a subject to takedown and censorship. Not exactly what we used to have on decentralized websites. The only thing that keeps them free speech is ideology, and that is not hard coded. But, let's make a short review for an each based on the user experience, design, traffic and practicality.


Definition: community-driven social network
Twitter alternative.
Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Shop.
The only one that has some sort of the monetization, but only in BTC which is very unpractical. They should have the altcoins and the long awaited upgrade is still not integrated, with half month in the announcement.
Word counter goes until around 400 characters and then it disappears, allowing you to publish a long form blog posts.
Only light theme.
No unsubscribe/revoke button visible for Tiers ( Settings > Manage subscriptions) in case you make a mistake or want to unsubscribe you need to find it in Settings instead.

Enough space for a lot of about me, portfolio links, a special menu in Settings just for that.
Posts have a Report button. To Report a post in Flote, you need to explain how it violates a website's House rules, adn if you take a look at the list of the rules, it is far form the ideal.


  • No spam
  • No doxxing
  • No malware
  • No username squatting
  • Adult imagery that contains nudity must be marked with an NSFW tag. If the imagery is in a user's avatar or header image, NSFW must be placed in the user's bio.
  • Impersonation accounts are not allowed. Parody accounts must be marked as such in a user’s display name, username, or bio.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age to create a Flote account.

Tabs: Posts, Media, Paid ( Tier system)


  • Integration with Twitter
  • Livestream Setup
  • Import Facebook Data
  • Promote a post ( still not working)

Settings and Logout button very close together.
This site ranks: #62,604 in global internet engagement
Countries: United States, India, Australia
Bounce rate: 26%
Traffic search: Toplistingsite and Wakelet
Registrant Country: US
Video upload: Yes + embed codes


Definition: Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.
Facebook alternative.
This one was removed both from the Google Play Shop And Apple App Shop. In-browser app that can be placed on the home screen of a mobile devices.
No monetization.
Word count limit around 400 words.
Both light and dark theme.

Space for six portfolio links in Settings.
Posts have a Report button, and there is an extended Terms that you should read.
Tabs: Timeline, Comments, Photos, Videos, Likes, Bookmarks
Rich text editor only for PRO accounts, $15 monthly or $99 annually.
This site ranks: #2,237 in global internet engagement
Countries: United States, India, Australia
Bounce Rate: 37%
Traffic search: Plurk, Ello, Pearltrees
Registrant Country: US
Video upload: Yes, file must be less than 20MB


Definition: GETTR is a brand new social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and “cancel culture.”
Twitter clone.
Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Shop.
No monetization.
Limit on 777 characters.
Only light theme.

Space for one profile link same as in Twitter.
Posts have a Report button. And you can be reported for anything of following:

  • Sensitive content (Nudity, Porn, Violence, Gore)
  • IP/Trademark Violation
  • Threats, Incitement or Illegal
  • Unsolicited Advertising
  • Child-related Crime

Tabs: Posts, Replies, Media and Likes
This site ranks: #18,890 In global internet engagement
Countries: United States, japan, Canada
Bounce rate: 26%
Traffic search: social media and search engines
Registrant Country: US
Video upload: Yes, max video duration 180 seconds


I invite everyone to secure their username, share their cryptocurrency and other posts that comply to their rules, on these platforms and to connect to each other. None of the listed three websites have limitations about following other accounts, at least none that I encounter, but they are all policed as presented and not censorship resistant. Violations are clearly open to the interpretation, because while Hive post may be completely normal on one, it can be verdict as spam or unsolicited advertising on another.
The reason behind making a profile there is that sharing posts, either on crypto or anything else, on Twitter or any other platform may get you in trouble, so any alternative may come handy. How you will use them is your decision, or if you even want to use them.
The safety of the centralized platforms is not their strongest side, and more often then not they get hacked and contact details stolen. This is a reason why I don't put much effort in any of those websites and I usually signup with the throwaway, secondary or disposable emails.
I will play with an each, and make a report when I am done. I hope you will join me so we can have some fun there.


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