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Q: Will Open Bazaar survive in some shape or form?

aschatriaPosted for divination Pod Members to comment on, 3 years ago

n00b wants to know about the destiny of the free online marketplace. ( Personal opinion: it is decentralized, open source, I see no reason why would be any problems. )


I will read about the possible alternative, or a change and if it will be satisfactory. It is an inanimate virtual thing, kind of a very hard question. I need Tarot for this one.

These are the cards. I read only what they say.

Well, the cards for it are very nice, no negative ones. A horseman with the wand is a good card of a career and joggling with the coins promote the idea of the dynamic trading, risk taking and "playing" with the assets. Major Arcana in High Priestess is rather strong, but it promotes the stillness and the undisturbed actions. It is also a protection card.

Nothing here says anything negative. For now and for what I got it looks good.

That is all.

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