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ListNerds user review - CTPTalk's entrepreneur newsletter project on HIVE

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago3 min read

I tested ListNerds with my microblogging (secondary) Hive account for some time and concluded it is an interesting concept.

ListNerds uses a new 'Proof Of Mail' concept and a platform is built on top of the Hive blockchain.
All emails are verified and confirmed by other members of the platform.

Each email that is verified and sent, creates a unique reward mechanism for both senders and receivers.

Now, I am transferring absolutely everything - social and decentralized accounts - to my main identity - this one - so I also deleted my old ListNerds account and made a new one with my main identity.

I also bought and staked 100 CTP, which will earn me a portion of the passive rewards pool
- as recommended by their article

We Want You To Try ListNerds...Take Our Guarantee! | PeakD

CTPTalk suggests to the user base to test this new thing before deciding if it is useful for them or not and to stake 100 tokens so that they have a better voting capabilities. If unsatisfactory, they will buy out staked ( 100!) coins after two weeks.

I find a concept useful, though I had no idea how to disconnect one and connect another HIVE account, so I just deleted old one and make another one. No bog deal, I had not much points, that was for testing purposes anyways.

Who gets rewarded?

  • Senders - Rewarded in LISTNERDS token
  • Receivers - Rewarded in CTP token token
  • Stakers - Rewarded in both LISTNERDS and CTP tokens

I like the way how it is done, but it is only browser-wise. The website is in dire need of a mobile optimization. It doesn't fit and it is rather clumsy, especially that sliding menu that eats an entire screen and inbox items do not wrap but they are left hanging vertically...

Inbox is the place where we read mail from other participants, and it is not overly crowded so there is no issue by being covered in too many unread mails per day.

I already sent out my own mail containing a link to my blog post and I received the feedback.

You can place pretty much anything you want in that email, there are also short codes so you can personalize it for your readers, and the better is made, and more like-minded audience you have - the better feedback you will receive.

For better graphic experience you can use Canva or any other newsletter designing application, and simply paste the entire code of the newsletter ( mail) into an Editor form.

Participation is absolutely free and for more information visit their simple FAQ and other important links.

Important links:

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