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I don't want to drag you but... I just have to - ReadCash and MemoCash

aschatriaPosted to Public6 months ago

Opera Snapshot_2019-12-02_155015_read.cash.png

ReadCash, a BCH content reward website has opened an affiliate program, you can join and see what they have there. Posting is easy and they have a great editor. It has sponsorship, affiliates and tip reward system. It also allows you to download your entire archive of posts and self-host them by a single click, which I find really nice feature. Readcash has a white plain theme, the nightmode in a screen capture above is achieved with the Dark Mode browser extension.
Profile page is simple and easy to set up, you can list multiple links above posts, including Twitter, Reddit and some of your other URLs. Deposit/Withdraw is simple,fast and instant like on any other BCH website.
Signup and let me know your opinion in comments.

Other website which I can recommend that also runs on BCH is Memocash.


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