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Daily dose of inspiration: You are a fruit fly

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago5 min read

Epic battle with the weather headache these days. I broke it with activity and shopping down town. Walking and liquids help, I hope the weather will stabilize soon.

A problem with the weather headaches is that it is basically resilient to painkillers, they are useless so you should not even bother too much with them. The best practice is if painkillers fail, try to relax, do what makes you happy, try to eat and drink normal. Many people with the similar problem puke and think they have some sort of a virus, but it is not so.

This shit is going on from last Wednesday, and the bloody snow nowhere to see. It is just going and going with wind and rain, constantly changing pressure, so the headache is never gone.
It has been six days now, and it is not showing any sign to stop.

COVID also doesn't show any signs to stop either. Now people on open wear masks and we had a new wave of the limitations. By the way the restaurants still operate on-go, so you can buy food in front of the McDonalds and take your order at the door. This is just fine by me.

I bought leopard printed face masks for kid and me, UNO playing card set which she wanted for a while now to play with her father and sparkles golden nail polish. I suck with the make up but I have a thing for the nails.

I done pretty much all of my microblogging websites - Memocash, dBuzz, Twetch, Twitter - all were ok, again Twetch has the least activity. I have that account for a certain thing, but as the thing has been defunct, I am getting bored.

Blogging is cool as always. I posted my Smoke css theme everywhere - Whaleshares, Blurt, Hive, ReadCash. ReadCash is in lag, other webs are fine.

Later on I found this on ReadCash. An article contains health suggestions, but also some nuisance.

"Because a person who has a good relationship has a healthy mind and it helps to boost our immune system. Talk to your friends or make some physical attachment to someone can also help."

No, it bloody does not make you healthy, it makes you dependent. A person who is not happy with own self, can not be happy with anyone else. That website is full of amateur writers pretending to be experts. I don't know where they find material for their tutorial how to be healthier, happier, but I assume Cosmo and some new age derelict bullshit.

How to make cash on LBRY?

I am posting earning tips, tricks, reviews on Floteapp, under subscription now, I think it is the best way utilizing that page considering how much time and effort I invested into my online activity.

I also found that there are still people on this world - who are either plain evil or just retarded - who don't want to take 5 minutes of their precious time to explain to their children what a period is. I am not fucking kidding.

This was a behavior or even a fashion to hide such a thing and expected a 100 years ago, not 20-ish years ago. Seriously what kind of a human being will allow a female child to walk around with the vagina and not explain what that body organ suppose to do. They have no problem to explain any other organ, liver, kidneys, brain... and don't tell me it is not the same, it is the same bloody filthy business and no it is no way more embarrassing than explaining how the food pass through our guts or how billions of our defense cells rip apart and eat germs... that's fabulous description, wait until they see them in action...

If you think that any of your body part is more decent than the another, well think again - everything on your body is a raw survival. Those are all the organic transformers made of animal parts, we are just ghosts inside of them and only for a limited amount of time. So use that time well, nobody has time for some shitty shy nonsense.

Think about it like this. You are a fruit fly and you have 45 days to live. In those 45 days you have to hatch, grow up, fuck something, have young and finally drop dead. So either mutate into something that lives more than 45 days or stop dragging your bloody feet!!

Now, for some advanced civilization we are the fruit flies. But, your lifespan does not define either your creativity or things you can achieve.

There are animals and plants that live much longer than any of us, still they done pretty much nothing in our point of the view.

Maybe in some ulterior dimension results of their actions are visible, but in this reality they are posing dummies and we as humans are not capable determining if they have relevant influence or sentient capabilities beyond the obvious.

On the other hand a common fruit fly may biologically achieve more in 45 days than an average loser can in a lifetime duration around 80 years.

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