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Can you sell your soul to the Satan?

aschatriaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago4 min read

"No, that is not my job - my job is to prove that you suck as a human being..." ~ Samael

I find some people asking or even summoning the "Satan", devil or some evil force - whatever the name it may intrigue - in order to trade their soul for an infinite amounts of cash.

LOL - short answer - you can't.

In theory, let's say this is all 100% real, here is why it will not work. First of all, "Satan" as a demon entity or more popular - the devil - does not exist. It is a flat out lie. Some other things do exist, but not that one. These things, deities or archangels, have different names in different religions, but in essence when you compare them side by side, they are very similar.

Most definitely all of our religions and beliefs were outsourced from one singular unique set of the events.

"Satan" or archangel Samael is NOT the devil. Devil is a human being and he can not take any souls.

Devil can not buy your soul either - that is a fake belief originating from the dark times in the past when sinners were buying forgiveness from the church or priests for money, so the belief was that a devil can do the same, but he can not - but he damn can persuade you to ruin your soul. Or to ruin your life.

Nobody even knows what the devil even looks like. Besides a few points we know noting about him. Or even if there is a "him".

Many believe that the devil is outdated codeword and belongs to the time when the roman emperors were considered to be of such a quality, so the people of that time call them differently in order to avoid prosecutions.

In fact nobody can "take" your soul, but you can put it on a hire to a celestial, or an archangel. This is not just another story, but there is a small technicality - where to find one.

Any archangel, including the one we call the Samael (also known as the Judge, Grim Reaper, Death etc) which we faulty consider to be a devil ( he has a somewhat of a temper, but no that is not a devil, it is not even a human-like soul having the self-will, it is one of the God's tools) , has like one of their most powerful tools something colloquially called "a power of a deal" by which you are held obligated on your word. This is a reason why devil, who is known to be a liar and dishonest, can not hold you upon your word, only a celestial can.

In other words you have to find an actual archangel to employ your soul or spiritual power with the certain task for a certain favor. Once job is accepted an individual can not chose not to do it, so you can find yourself in an odd situations without a recollection of what you have done or how you even got there.

Now, everything is fine if you make a deal with the honest human-loving celestial whose only aptitude is to save lives and do good deeds. But what if you get it signed with a twat who wants to take a brief vacation form angelic obligations...??

Just saying...

You have a multiple incidents of various people waking up after saving others, doing miraculous things, act of mercy and even heeling... without any memory what happened to them. These people almost always claim that they were not the ones doing that, but that an angel, demi-god or deity ( they are in general the same thing, different religions called them a different name) or some sort of an external higher force done it instead.

But, you also have the sociopaths who claim they were possessed by a demon after a shooting spree or religious lunatics who claim God wanted them to kill their neighbors because they were all demons...

Now, previous will probably receive a medal of honor for bravery, and later a life membership in the mental institution.

Usually a person who makes this sort of a deal serves as a vessel, and instead their soul being used for something, in fact their bodies are used as a communication means to this reality.

Now, this is all in theory - BUT! if you wish to sell your soul... make sure to delete your Twitter account before you do it.

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