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For The Birds ~ The Lucky Photographer

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For The Birds ~ The Lucky Photographer

DSCF0031 (1).jpg

As a professional photographer, I have spent many years working on my own style and dedicating myself to what appeals to me.

Often, that shifts fluidly as I take on new challenges and enjoy variety. The world has always seemed like my visual candy store. I often take pictures with my eyes and mind and hide them away like I would on a hard drive. These are mental images that I create, intentionally knowing that I am seeing something I will never see again in this life. It will have come and gone in a moment and I have no camera to record it.

When I watch movies my eyes seek the best still image from an action sequence and I think to myself, oh yes I would love to frame that!

One of the things I often chuckle about is when someone says to a photographer, ‘Oh my God, what a lucky shot!’ I know I am not the only one to cringe at hearing those words!

~ The harder you work, the luckier you get.

This has been my life mantra in many ways.

Why am I so lucky that I get to play music 20 hours a month for a full time living? That does seem very lucky doesn’t it? Or, alternatively, did I invest in myself musically? Did I invest thousands of hours singing and playing for free at parties and campfires for anyone who would listen? Lucky indeed.

When I showed one of my bird images to a fellow Whaler, they exclaimed something unimaginable. You’re never going to guess!!!

‘Oh my God, what a lucky shot!’

I present to you a series of lucky shots from this last summer. Hopefully my luck rubs off on you and you also decide to dedicate thousands of hours to getting lucky with your photography too.

The Huntress Scanning For Food




DSCF0034 (1).jpg

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.46.47 PM.png

This little sweetheart built her nest just outside my window next to my desk. She just loves this one spot on my front deck. She loves that little perch because she can fly from her nest on the side of my house to the front deck and land on her spot with pinpoint accuracy to spot some food and then she's off like a bolt of lightening.

So there was my dilemma. Being as fast as lightning, she only stays put for a couple of seconds. Grabbing focus on her before she bolts is like trying to nail jello to a tree. Basically it's the Image Focusing Olympics, don't steal that tag it's all mine lol.

The other problem is that I don't have much of a telephoto. I'm not exactly shooting for NatGeo. So I also have to be very stealthy, very still, very quiet and very invisible. No problem. Hope you like miracles!

Bonus Shots From This Summer! Random Birds at The Big Apple

The Rock Star

The Head Banger

The Prima Donna

Hope you enjoyed the shots, please refer back to my Photography Basics Crash Course Right Here!!

The understanding you will gain from that one post will improve your photography luck drastically.

Happy Snaps,
Bug (@TheBugIQ aka TheBooGeek)

©All Images TheBugIQ

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