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WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 8 - Poetry Game - Day 4 (Oh Night I Want Your Sleep)

aronexxonPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago3 min read

Hi whaleshares friends, how are you? I wish you good health wherever you are.

Today I tried to share a poem of my best, this is specifically an offering for the contest because I was enthusiastic about participating in the contest held by Mr. @dobartim.

First of all i want to thank @dobartim for organizing this contest.
Challenge 👉WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 8 - Poetry Game - Day 4 - Reward Pool 50 STEEM.

I also thank those who have made professional contributions to this challenge organized by @dobartim. Who are they? Namely; @steemucurator01, @xeldal, @enki, @stephenkendal, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @jondoe, @justyy, and other users for the great support that has made Poetry Game a quality brand for the day to come.

Please accept my best poetry, hope you like it..!!

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Oh Night I Want Your Sleep

Oh night, I want your sleep,
until the third time.
without a mattress or mat
even without blanket
I want to caress your cold and loneliness
I want you to be pregnant
and give birth to our children from the womb of your own skin

Oh night, open up your moist body.
persuade and seduce this surrendered body
complete our coldness and loneliness
blind our eyes
freeze the soul in the intimacy of our silent love

Oh night, you are no longer a guest.
your arrival no longer bother me with the lights
I accept your arrival with nostalgic
After crowing the cock, wake up the masses.
I miss the remnants of your tears in the expanse of the earth
Then I will become the silent story of our love!

Oh night ... Oh night ... Oh beautiful night
in your womb are the lives of our children
night, only your skin knows the contents of my clothes
only your skin knows what's in my heart
only your skin knows what's inside my head
only your skin knows the contents of my poetry.
Is our disgrace!
ayooo Together we disappeared from the hustle and bustle of the world slander.
By @aronexxon

Don't forget to share WEEKLY CONTEST 8 - Poetry Games - Day 4 - 50 STEEM Pool Prizes. By participating in the contest held by @dabartim, write your poetry in this challenge and can encourage other steemians to join steem schools.

Original poetry challenge post link from @dobartim ; https://steemit.com/hive-152587/@dobartim/weekly-contest-week-8-poetry-game-day-4-reward-pool-50-steem

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Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.


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