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France and Germany announce lockdown due to rising Covid-19 cases in their countries

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France and Germany have both announced a second national lockdown, after they recorded an increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths.

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The announcement was made by President Emmanuel Macron, which will start Friday (10/30/2020) until December 1.

For about one month of implementing the lockdown, French citizens must comply with the six points that have been set:

1. The "at home" command except for one hour of exercise each day, taking medication, or buying a staple.
2. Restaurants and bars are closed during the national quarantine
3. Stores deemed not selling basic necessities must be closed.
4. Prohibition of traveling to various regions of France.
5. Close a number of borders.
6. The university returns to teaching online.

Le Parisien reported that the prime minister's office emphasized that the maximum person allowed to leave his residence is one kilometer.

Every resident who leaves the house must carry a document confirming their needs, and this will be examined by the police.

President Emmanuel Macron stated that he was forced to take this drastic step again because Covid-19 cases were increasing rapidly in a number of regions.

The French president since 2017 said together with neighbors in Europe, "The Land of Wine" is accelerating the handling of the corona virus.

Reported by Sky News Wednesday (28/10/2020), he said the second wave of the corona virus would be "heavier and deadly" than before.

On Tuesday, health authorities there recorded 523 deaths from coronavirus, the highest statistic since April.

As of Wednesday evening local time, France has reported 36,437 cases. Increased compared to 33,417 on Tuesday (27/10/2020).

As an illustration of how terrible the second wave is, half of the intensive care wards throughout the country are filled with Covid-19 patients.

Presiden Emmanuel Macron predicts, to achieve herd immunity, they must experience 400,000 deaths.

Apart from France, Germany through Chancellor Angela Merkel also announced a four-week lockdown starting on November 2.

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No different from his neighbor, imposing a number of restrictions that will be reviewed every two weeks, including:

  • Bars and pubs will be closed.
  • Restaurants must be closed unless they provide delivery service.
  • Gyms, cinemas and theaters were forced to close.
  • If there is an indoor meeting, the number is limited to only 10 people, or the equivalent of two houses.
  • The hotel is closed to tourists, however they are exempted from staying overnight if "there is a very urgent reason".
  • Shops are still allowed to carry out activities, provided they limit one person per square meter.

He said "decisive steps" had to be taken so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed, given that the corona virus case had returned to its peak.

Angela Merkel said he would try to keep schools, day care centers and care centers open during the lockdown.

"We have to act now," he said, noting that the way to avoid a very serious situation was to avoid contact but not to burden the economy. although they are currently experiencing a very significant growth in cases, he hopes the lockdown will hamper it.

"If the rate of infection continues at this rate, the health system will reach a limit that can be handled in the coming weeks," he explained.

On Wednesday morning local time, German health authorities called a record 14,964 cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of infections to 449,275.

The Robert Koch Institute also stated that there were an additional 27 victims who died from the corona, bringing the total data to 10,098 people.

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