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Currently in Melbourne Starting to Loosen Lockdowns, Schools Opening Next Month

aronexxonPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

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Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, Melbourne is starting to ease lockdown restrictions imposed after a spike in coronavirus cases. This easing will allow most children to return to school starting next month. This is information I got from the Associated Press on Sunday (9/27/2020) that this easing policy will also encourage more than 125,000 people to return to work.

Melbourne and the surrounding area of rural Victoria state were placed under strict "Level 4" lockdown on 2 August. Melbourne is closing non-essential schools and businesses. A curfew was imposed and public gatherings were prohibited. The restrictions are scheduled to be relaxed on Sunday if the 14-day average of new infections is between 30 and 50 cases. With 12 new infections reported Saturday and 16 on Sunday, the 14-day average fell to 22.1.

It allowed Victorian state Prime Minister Daniel Andrews to confirm the 9pm - 5am curfew would be lifted from 5am Monday (28/9) local time, even though residents were still unable to travel more than 5 kilometers (3). , 1 mile) from the house. Public gatherings of up to five people from a maximum of two households will be allowed.

Further easing could be made on October 19 if the average falls below five new cases per day. Masks are still mandatory.

Daniel Andrews said there were 399 active cases in Victoria, the first time the number had fallen below 400 since 30 June. This is one measure among the many outstanding performances of the Victorian community - remaining separate but united, ensuring that we beat this second wave, "said Daniel Andrews.

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