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We-Talent Round #3 Contest Submission: "Please Rain Somewhere Else."

anyaehrim7 months ago2 min read

The Submission

A higher resolution can be seen here. (~40% resolution)

Full Resolution Details

(4167x2058 or 27.7 x 13.7 in) | Painting: Krita | Text: Photoshop CS6

Right Side

Left Side


Almost Hidden (Japanese) Title

('Omoide Meiseki' translates to 思い出 for 'memories' and 明晰 for 'clear/distinct')

The full production of this piece can be found in my previous
Whaleshares and Steemit posts.
Each go into different details.

This piece has been submitted to @ivan.atman's We-Talent Contest | ROUND 3

Come and participate!

:whale: (I want lots of people to compete against!) :whale:

(bts: ehrim-anya)

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