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Preparing the Rapan shellfish for the further preparation of delicious gourmet dishes

anriPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

Today I will tell you about how when I come to the sea, I love to catch the mollusk rapan. For many years coming to the sea, my daughter and I loved to dive with a mask and a snorkel. By catching this mollusk we are doing a good deed. Since it causes great harm to the sea by destroying mussels, which purify the sea as a natural filter. Rapan almost destroyed all the Black Sea oysters, this is generally very bad. Therefore, we catch it and cook it. Today I will show you how I prepare the rapana so that later I can cook delicious dishes from it. The principle is this: at first there is a laborious process, but then you have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes from seafood. See how I do it. This is how the rapana look when you catch them, before you pour boiling water over them, you need to rinse them well. There are many small shells on them, as in my case. But after washing them well under running cold water, you can bring to a boil, you can pour boiling water over and heat the water for a couple of minutes. After that, the mollusk is very easily removed from the shell. This is how they look when I took them out. Now rinse them well, remove the protective peel, liver. A leg remains from it and we will continue to cook delicious dishes. The most important thing to remember is that they cannot be overcooked, just like squid, otherwise the meat will be tough.

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