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Reality Check 馃 After HF4

andy-whalesharesPosted to Public3 months ago

Up till now I have been waiting for my first "Daily Reward" Cycle to appear after the recent Hard Fork HF4 ~ As you can see below 馃憞
I felt the need for this information to decide what to do, moving forward!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.58.23.png

Before the Hard Fork I was getting around 200 wls Rewards per day + (70wls in Daily Reward), and Up-Voting 8 others at 15 wls per post (approx 120 wls). So everyone involved were gaining their WhaleStake Daily by a descent amount in my opinion!

However, that has all now changed and I have to adapt to the new "Tipping System", but it don't take much brain power to notice a significant drop in gaining my WhaleStake, so I will be giving much less away!

So I am moving 15 wls per day into my Tipping Pot" to Tip the best Articles that I see ~ Enjoy 馃憤

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 13.32.53.png

I don't see how this lower earning helps anyone, but that's just how it is now on WhaleShares!

Have a nice day Everyone... 馃憢


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