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Memories of my visit to Sousse Town in Tunisia ~ Travel Photography

andy-whalesharesPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

My Tunisian Travel Photography depicting the Town of Sousse in Tunisia. So Today, I would like to share some of my personal Holiday Photos of Sousse, which is a coastal resort next to the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia.

The town area is a truly wonderful mix of old buildings and curiosity shops which are great if you like to haggle a cheap price. There are many locals around that will try their best to get you into jewellery shops (on a sales commission of course), they are expert sales negotiators to be honest. Nothing to be afraid of though really, as most Tunisians are extremely friendly.

The many spice shops are a wonderful smell and you usually get free tea or coffee while you decide which spices to buy, red Saffron Spice is especially cheap ~ So do buy lots and take it home 😀

As we were staying in the hotel for 2 weeks, I got very friendly with the Hotel staff and often played Pool with them. However, be warned they always make up the rules in their favor. Even so, it was great fun playing with them and I sometimes won some money, but not very often. 🤣

Hotel Tej Marhaba ~ Location: Sousse, Tunisia, North Africa

Tunisia 031 copy.jpg

Tunisia 017 copy.jpg

Tunisia 018 copy.jpg

Tunisia 019 copy.jpg

Tunisia 021 copy.jpg

These two guys (below) were great fun, I really enjoyed their company, even though they did cheat at playing Pool. They simply devised very strange rules, so that they would win more easily... 😂

Tunisia 029 copy.jpg

All of the above Photos were shot with my old Sony DSC-W17 Camera
[ Strictly Copyright ©2021 ©andy4475 ]

Many Thanks for viewing my latest Travel Photography blog 👍
Bye for now, See you all again very soon...

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