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Extreme Car Envy ~ UK "Sports Car" Exhibition |馃弫

andy-whalesharesPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago

Generally speaking I have very little interest in Cars. However, when I see mega expensive ones like in the photos (below) my interest does increase somewhat. I have no idea who manufactures any of these "Super Cars", but I would sure love to own one of them. If somebody has one they don't want anymore, please send it to me LOL

These pictures were taken at an English "Car Show" earlier this year. My daughter wanted to go for some strange reason and so I went with her. It was a nice day out, just something different and interesting to see I guess.

Which Car is your favorite? Red // Yellow // Purple
My fav is the (TOP) Red One, simply because I love the Red colour LOL

So here you go... 馃憖

Please enjoy my original Smartphone Photography 馃槑




The above Photos were taken by me with an Apple iPhone
[ Strictly Copyright 漏2022 漏andy4475 漏andy-whaleshares ]
Photo Location: Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Many Thanks for visiting, see you all again very soon... 馃檵鈥嶁檪锔

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