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Countryside Digital Art ~ 3D Rendered Nature Artwork

andy-whalesharesPosted to Publiclast year2 min read

For Today's Art selection ~ I would first like to make it absolutely clear that I did NOT personally create any of the Digital Images below. These specific Artworks were entirely created by my good friend & Ex-Business Partner "Kevin". He is an extremely talented "Graphic Designer" and "Game App Developer" by profession. Kevin now teaches to other Game App developers about how to make awesome Game Apps and get them Published within his new Company called "Game Academy" (Website Content access is by SUBSCRIPTION ONLY).

So I am simply sharing these beautiful Digital Images below for your enjoyment (hopefully). They were all 3D rendered in very early versions of Bryce and Photoshop Software. Some of the Digital Art compositions below were originally included in a Nature Themed Calendar. The Calendars were mostly sold exclusively to the many Website subscribers of the original ©3Ddesktops "Digital Studio Company", that I myself was a director of, at that time.

The Company [ 3Ddesktops.co.uk ] ceased trading a few years ago now, but I still own 50% of all the Original Artwork Copyright, and thus have Kevin's "Full Permission Rights" to share any of these images anywhere I choose.

I hope you enjoy 3D Digital Art ~ Just Smile! Be HAPPY 😀 Be INSPIRED 💡

All the Original Artworks below are by ©3Ddesktops Digital Studio
(Strictly Copyright ©2019)




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