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Caring is Sharing your Rewards with others ~ The New Vision 馃

andy-whalesharesPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on

In just two days time the wonderful HF4 Update will be here! No more Self-Voting, Up-Sharing or rewarding comments as we have known this Platform to be.

Instead we will have a very generous "Tipping Jar" just waiting to be filled up with our "Daily Rewards"! Yes! That's right, your money that you have earned. However, WhaleShares is so full of love and generosity that we have no need for any Crypto profit. We just give it all away to others, in the vague hope that some huge Whales will pay us back for all our posting hard work with huge "Tips"!

but hey! We are all "Good Citizens" of WhaleShares and "Caring is Sharing our profit with others" as that is the NEW Vision shared by everyone here.

Hmmmm! I Wonder 馃about this fantasy idea! I am a realist, not a dreamer 馃槀

What will you be giving away from YOUR Daily "Treasure Chest" 鉂

I am very curious to know exactly how much 10% or 50% or even 100%
Please tell me?


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