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Artistic Graffiti ~ Love or Hate ❓

andy-whalesharesPosted 5 months ago for altruistic-wls Pod Members to comment on2 min read

In this article I would really love to hear your thoughts about Graffiti or "Street Art", as it is often termed! I will give you two example photos that I believe demonstrates both the extremes or "love & hate" in an Artistic context. Perhaps then we can discuss their individual merits in the comments section below.

So, here is the FIRST IMAGE :sparkling_heart: LOVE!

This image I love, artistically beautiful, complex in design and intriguing in my opinion ~ You may feel completely differently about this picture! Please give me your honest thoughts & opinions and also if you feel that ugly graffiti tarnishes your own Town, City or Country in general. Or maybe you really love the "Street Art" in your City and enjoy passing by the "Wall Artwork" and admiring the Tag Artist responsible. :clap:


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Now, on to the SECOND IMAGE :rage: HATE!


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When I see this kind of "vandalism" (as I would call it) around my local Town and other Cities, it makes me feel really sad :thinking_face: It is extremely hard to remove and has no artistic merit whatsoever in my opinion! The Tagger's signature or Tag (I believe it is termed) just blend one into the other to create nothing but a dark coloured mess.

The worst example of Graffiti that I have ever seen, was in Athens city a few years ago! Travelling on a coach tour we passed the main "Bank of Athens" and the shops, doorways, everywhere in fact were completely covered in ugly graffiti and offensive images! Just three days later, there were riots there, shown on TV across the World.

As I can't read or understand Greek, I'm just guessing that much of the writing was aimed at the Greek government for the closing of banks, at the time of the Greece EU financial "bail out". Does this excuse the many Taggers there, perhaps they had good reason :question: What do you think about this Topic :question:

  • Many Thanks for reading my latest publication, I really hope that you found this article interesting and thought provoking :thinking_face:

Bye for now, see you all again very soon... :wave:


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