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Apostrophe 99 Word Writing Challenge ~ delectation ✍️

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This is my 22nd attempt at participating in the awesome "99 Word Story Challenge" organised by the @apostrophe POD ~ Today's challenging word is the Noun "delectation", derived from the early Latin meaning of the word "delight" in English. So you could say that today's "Word of the Day" best describes an enjoyable experience 😀

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Lightning Round Write-Up
99-word writing challenge

Using Merriam Webster's "Word of the Day" delectation for December 15th

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  • My story begins... [ word count 99 ]

In my lifetime, I have been to many restaurants around the World that were extremely enjoyable, in beautiful surroundings. One particular place that I remember fondly was eating "Red Snapper" fish for the first time at Paphos Harbour in Cyprus. I wish that I had taken some photos, but my Camera batteries were flat, and no Mobile Phones back then. Paphos also had the most amazing newly built "Public Toilet" building. Immediately on entering, you notice the floor and walls are covered in marble, with Ornate Tiles above the hand basins. Overall, a truly memorable evening of delectation 😀

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  • Many thanks for reading my short story, please visit me again soon... 🙋‍♂️


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