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Token For Your Reward (TFYR) #29

altruisticPosted to Public2 years ago4 min read

It's another time to get altruistic token. Altruistic token is a token in which you can reward your post with. We want the token to circulate to as many people as possible on the platform and that is why we have this program for all where you can easily get altruistic token while doing the normal things you will do to support an author or your community.


Every time you reward(upshare) altruistic post that is for Token for your reward you will get some Altruistic tokens (ALTT).

TierWLS Reward to giveAmount of token you will get
1500+ WLS3000 ALTT
2300 WLS1000 ALTT
3200 WLS500 ALTT
4100 WLS300 ALTT
51 to 99 WLS2 - 198 ALTT

To participate:

  • Choose the tier you want
  • Reward(upshare) the post
  • Comment down the tier you chose, the amount of your reward and your bitshares account.
    e.g. tier 5, 5.87 wls, altruistic-group
  • Invite friends to participate by tagging at least 3 people. Let them get some tokens too.

Another exciting thing added is that you can upshare Altruistic comment under your comment and get the token too. Once you upshare the comment, comment under it and follow the normal way to participate (tier, wls, bts id).

That's all.

Token for your reward post will be up twice in a week - Tuesdays and Fridays until further notice of when we are going to be stopping.
You have till the post is 13 days old to drop your reward on it and get ALTT


Is there any other way to get ALTT (Altruistic)?

Yes. Another way you can get Altruistic token is by delegating to our account on Steemit - @altruisticbot. Most people do think it's a voting bot but it's not. That was the available name for us to register with. Altruistic account on steemit is also supporting authors when they summon the bot with the use of the support tag - altruistic-steem

1 SP = 1 ALTT which means 100 SP = 100 ALTT.

If you will like to get the token with liquid steem which you will get immediately

starting from
2 Steem - 20 ALTT(one-time pay)
5 Steem - 70 ALTT(one-time pay)
10 Steem - 120 ALTT(one-time pay)
20 steem - 230 ALTT(one-time pay)
30 steem - 400 ALTT(one-time pay)
40 steem - 700 ALTT(one-time pay)
50 steem - 1000 ALTT(one-time pay)

The Steem delegation for the token will run for 365 days which was effective since 24/11/2018 and it will end in 365 days which will be on 24/11/2019.

Once you delegate, we will see it but to be able to deliver your token to you we will request you to join Altruistic server on discord and drop your bitshares ID in #token-for-sp room. This link will direct you to the room.
All tokens will be paid monthly.

Delegate to Altruistic on steemit here


You can join the other ongoing TFYR if you have not

How to use altruistic token for an upshare

Thanks for your support. Without you, we are nowhere.

We have the right not send altruistic token (ALTT) to any users who did not comply with our procedures and users that are known plagiarizer even if they reward this post. We can also stop the token for your reward at anything we feel the token is well circulated.


Remember to vote for Altruistic as one of your witness. Your vote will be in the right hand as 90% of our witness earnings is towards the growth of the authors on the platform. visit: https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses to cast your vote


Official Bitshares account: altruistic-group | Email address: [email protected]/[email protected]

Join Us On Discord Server | Telegram

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