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Authors Corner (January 8, 2019)

altruistic2 months ago4 min read

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  • In the spirit of @altruistic's mission to promote undiscovered but unique content, we use this corner to feature selected authors by our Altruistic curators and reviewers.

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Featured Posts

Ljubljana by @wanderingkells

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Ljubljana, ever heard of this place, can even properly pronounce it? It is the capital city of Slovenia. A not so big country in Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful country mainly nature reserve! Wild bears can be found in the national parks. Anyway, this article is about Ljublijana the adorable capital city.

Indeed, Ljubljana seems like a beautiful place to be. I tried to pronounce the name, but I couldn't. Kells brought us this post from one of her wanderings in the country of Slovenia. She shares with us some beautiful tourists sites in her post including the castle on top of a hill. If you want to try Cacao chocolate bar, you should definetely visit @wanderingkells's post here.

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She asked him how he did it and his reply was the following. His mother was deaf and had died that morning. He then knew that for the first time in her life she would hear him play. So then she realised that if you believe in yourself and took chances someone will reap the benefit of it. Today she did.

We read a wonderful story shared by @bigbear. It's about a boy who had no talent for playing piano, and yet her mother will bring him to a piano teacher to be taught how to play the piano. The teacher was frustrated at a point because the boy was bad at it. What happens next, you have to read the full post here to find out.

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Negligence by @olawalium

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I am a firm believer that parents should make everything comfortable for their children but they should never over indulge them. They need to be there for their wards as at when due but there should always be balance.

The author watched a movie which spoke to him, and he decided to share with the community. The movie was about 2 kids who had absent parents. The parents were alive and they stayed with them, but they could travel fr weeks and eave just this 2 children. They became close and the girl could undress in the presence of her brother. Little did she know what her brother thought of that action. Read the full story by @olawalium here

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Kindly Visit all featured posts and appreciate their effort to bring originality to the platform just like others are doing.

Written by @fredkese for Altruistic community

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