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Authors Corner (January 5, 2019)

altruistic3 months ago4 min read

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  • In the spirit of @altruistic's mission to promote undiscovered but unique content, we use this corner to feature selected authors by our Altruistic curators and reviewers.

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Featured Posts

The Ultimate Fate of the Universe - 3 Possible Scenarios on How the Universe Might Get Destroyed by @aagbona

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The true nature of dark energy and its properties is completely unknown, but scientists have postulated theories to explain three scenarios that could lead to the apocalyptic end of our universe, in the very distant future.

After reading this post, you don't know whether to be happy for the post or sad for the end of the world. It's quite sad what is foretold to happen to the world as we know it. Do you know about The Big Rip, Heat Death or Big Bounce? If not, find out in this post by @aagbona here

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I AM DEAD by @prechyrukky

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I decided to give in to death as I close my eyes and made a great decision in my life it was painful and there was doubt of me ending it but I stood to my decision and bow to say a prayer. I lay down as death took over me and I died.

On just seeing the Title, I was intrigued and wanted to find out what it was about. In this post, @prechyrukky shares with us the promises of God. He is able and willing to save everyone and anyone who calls on him, but our sins sometimes separate us from Him. Read the full post here

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The changes that Resident Evil underwent by @syberia

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Come on, these games were difficult and with desire, they also had complicated puzzles. All this mixed in an atmosphere that was scary, undoubtedly honored his genre. We could find all that in the first 3 games, but what do we have here and now?

Have you ever watched Resident Evil? If you haven't, you should watch or get yourself the game. @syberia gives us all the major changes of the Resident Evil game since Resident Evil 3. Seems the game got more interesting after each update. A few will even say it's become more difficult. You can read all about the changes here.

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Altruistic Creative Writing Contest #15: "Protection" - My Entry by @youhavewings

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There's a little bait and switch game going on when it comes to agencies entrusted to 'protect'. I don't say this with any kind of half truth. It's an unfortunate fact that many do not realize unless faced with needing protection or having a friend or family member in need.

It is unfortunate how institutions that are set up to protect people, animals and properties have their own agenda. Most agencies weigh all options, and often, when they have nothing to gain or lose in a particular situation, they turn a blind eye. @youhavewings talks about his/her personal experience with the Environmental Protection Agency. Read the full article here

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Kindly Visit all featured posts and appreciate their effort to bring originality to the platform just like others are doing.

Written by @fredkese for Altruistic community

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