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Authors Corner (9th December 2019)

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Featured Posts

Decor cup polymer clay. "Bear with balloons". Handmade from @elenk

by @elenka

image from author's post

The next stage is not the easiest - I had to gently pry the bear with a clerical knife to separate it from the cup and stick it on epoxy glue. Thanks to this, the cup can be used without fear that the decoration will fall away from it. From this cup you can drink hot drinks and wash in the usual way.



by @darkfemme

video from author's post

The main thing was to open a canvas and place a black background in the central part, where the drawing would be focused. Then I added stars to the background with the Bright brush and started with the outline of the city in a gray tone. Then I defined the street that would cross this city and I marked certain shadows to give its customization.


📷 My new pastel drawings

by @singas

image from author's post

I never know in advance what I will get in the end. I have not yet learned to draw from pictures or photographs. It is difficult for me to convey a composition already created by someone. But very likes conjuring up scenes the most.
This time I wanted to make a small waterfall and stream in the mountains.


Potato cutlets with meat

by @svinsent

image from author's post

Let's start the process with the preparation of minced meat. I took a good quality minced meat.
Finely chop the onion, garlic greens. Add them to the minced meat.
Salt and pepper to taste.
I also added some cold water to the minced meat, so it will be juicier.
We mix the mass well.
If the minced meat is of good quality, then do not spoil it with bread and eggs, it will have the right sticky consistency for cutlets.


FREE Holiday Health Guide and an AMAZING Deal!

by @creatr

image from author's post

The guide is a list of Seven S's... Seven suggestions that, if you keep them in mind and apply them in concert during this holiday season, can help you avoid the holiday illness blues. Each suggestion begins with an "S" to mnemonically help you remember and apply them all.


Gear Up Your Herb Garden - Expand or Establish Your Herb Garden the Quick and Easy Way

by @breezin

image from author's post

This herb is simply wonderful when it comes to improving the functions of the nervous system by clearing out imbalances that might be causing issues and reinforcing the nervous system. Basil has great relaxing effects that will aid in the fight against insomnia while reducing stress and anxiety levels, while reducing mental and physical fatigue. It is also has anti depressant functions, and is a great help when dealing with mild depression.


Lost loving

by @warpedwhale

image from author's post

But my limbs ache & hunger
Curves my stomach to my spine
I find the clouds & lean
On their fluff & puffy tips
Then a kiss touches me & I awake
To my concrete floor poking my scars
As if questioning their existence
I wake up to the soft snores
Of rats waiting for my eyes to shut


My Poem #Poetry

by @tezmel

image from author's post

My poem is cultivating the how
The way to free itself somehow
From these obnoxious expectations
This mind has in place.
My poem is singing a lullaby
To these psychotic demons floating by
Helping marinate bitter syllables
With soft lyrical love.

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