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Authors Corner (23rd November 2019)

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Featured Posts

African Feminism and the Social Media

by @imbigdee

image from author's post

Now you are getting a clearer picture that African Feminism didn’t just start, take a look at Adelaide Casely-Hayford. She was a cultural Nationalist and Feminsit from Sierra Leone during the early 1900. Her works are all over the internet and you can look it up to know more about Feminism at that time. How about Huda Sharaawi from Egypt?


Ants - Worksheet for learners

by @anneke

video from author's post

Ants live in colonies and it is divided into different groups with different jobs. It is a lot like the society of humans work - some people work more than others and some are richer than others.
The colonies can be small where you will only find a few hundred ants or it can be huge where its nest covers a lot of ground and there are millions of ants living and working together.


A Near Winter Walk - Shevlin Park, Bend OR

by @oldmans

image from author's post

An exposed root system from a long ago fallen tree. This shot also kind of shows how as you go up the hill away from the creek you begin to see the more arid desert type landscape.


How-to make your own delicious Dutch Gevulde Speculaas | Recipe inside

by @anouk.nox

image from author's post

As it goes well with hot drinks, it's something that fits the winter season extra well. I have to admit that we bought the regular speculaas cookies in our local supermarket even in summer. Because it was one of these things I recognized from Holland, and always loved, they are delicious when you dip them in your coffee and melt on your tongue.


Seaside Aquarium, part 1 - ExtraOrdinary Oregon

by @viking-ventures

image from author's post

Some of my earliest aquarium memories came from here. Our favorite activity was feeding the harbor seals who have lived here a long time now (several generations.)
I didn't get any seal pictures because of the way the barriers are constructed.

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