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Authors Corner (13th December 2019)

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Featured Posts

Effort and me. ~ Don't read

by @penderis

image from author's post

The other kind of person is the resiliently consistent everyday poster, be it pictures to music. They just do their thing, and I guess it is nice that people know what their thing is. That is also the closest resemblance to what you will see on YouTube and everywhere. The consistency of producing predictable but different content?


To live - Vivere (Crypto Odyssey for YouTube Rewind 2020)

by @lorenzopistolesi

video from author's post

Taking control does not always help you understand
taking control can not always help the heart
then let the words go to the sun again
because the sun can dry those endless tears that
you had looked for you could have chased
the meaning of an experience sometimes you discover it later
when the sun warms you up


Full Moon Musings

by @trucklifefamily

image from author's post

It certainly feels as though everything has been raised to the surface, so many things exposed and brought to our awareness. Where do we go now, what direction do we take? Each of us, must now make a decision.
Life is full of choices and we create our world by the choices we make. The direction that our days flow in, are a result of the choices we make. This is where our role of creators begins, at the beginning of each new day!


Playing with words|Muses Ebony & blind

by @warpedwhale

image from author's post

On this fetid space a sweet scent persists:
An altogether new flower, a budding
Thought into space propelled. I can
Your gift remain & pass shoulder
To sheets these stains my fingertips bleed
Within the verses of blind & ebony truth.
Muses oh, speak to me.


Astoria Views - ExtraOrdinary Oregon

by @viking-ventures

image from author's post

First, pointed south towards Lewis and Clark with Saddle Mountain hidden behind the clouds.
These two pictures were taken only minutes apart and shows the morning fog "burning off" into the afternoon for a glorious day.
This one is taken towards the east (probably ESE), towards the Astor Column on top of the hill there


My Entry To Whaleshares Poetry Challenge #42

by @joseph1956

image from author's post

It is not in making it a delicacy of absurd facts
nor in believing that we are part of an empty existentialism
where the value of the same is less than the reason,
mathematics where subtractions are the main factor.


Cartoon characters appearing on the street

by @ksolymosi

image from author's post

It was interesting to see these statues in Eger, these are the most famous cartoon characters of my childhood. Watching Hungarian cartoons were the best free time activity when I was a kid, and these were really the best. Some happy memories came up walking on the street and seeing them.... nice surprise by anyone who put them there.... LOL


A Visit to the Musandam Island in Oman

by @nainaztengra

image from author's post

Around 4 hours from Muscat if we go by a boat, else you can take a flight which is 40 mins. We decided to take the flight, since did not want the hassle of boat and also the long hours.
The place is very small and majorly people come here for Sea sports and Adventures. Also there is Mountain hiking and cycling which is famous in this place.

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